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Department of Education and Children's Services
  1. Welcome to Fremont-Elizabeth City High School

  2. Parent Portal Available - Check your child's Lesson Attendance and Homework ONLINE - enquire at the Front Office                            Special Music Scholarships available

Principal's Welcome

On behalf of the whole Fremont-Elizabeth City High School community, I am delighted to welcome you to our website. I trust that as you explore the various pages of our website, you will learn about our school and the rich and varied learning opportunities that we offer.  

At Fremont-Elizabeth City High School, our central mission is to educate students in an atmosphere that focuses on developing academic excellence, social responsibility and the highest educational goals for each student.  

Our highly professional staff are dedicated to assisting, guiding, and challenging each student to achieve their personal best by building on the students’ strengths, shaping the curriculum to support the learning needs of the individual and by being prepared to offer additional programs that will extend and enhance student learning.  

Our Middle School students (Years 8 and 9) enjoy a broad curriculum, a wide range of co-curricular activities in a supportive learning environment where students are well known by staff. Students in the middle school benefit from our small home groups, a minimum of subject teacher changes, and smaller than average subject class sizes.


Peta Kourbelis


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Featured Event

Christmas Eve
Wed Dec 24 @07:23 - 04:47

Christmas Day
Thu Dec 25 @07:23 - 04:47

Proclamation Day
Fri Dec 26 @07:23 - 04:47

New Year's Eve
Wed Dec 31 @07:23 - 04:47

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